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Single Stone is a collection of heirloom-worthy fine jewelry that celebrates the enchanting allure of antique diamonds with vintage-inspired modern design. After a decade spent sourcing vintage stones and restoring antique jewelry, husband-and-wife duo Ari and Corina Madilian launched their first collection using repurposed diamonds and recycled metals, crafted entirely by hand in Los Angeles. The Single Stone collection continues to encompass many of these vintage details, blending them with traditional jewelry-making techniques to create modern heirlooms.

Whenever possible, a Single Stone jewelry piece begins with the center stone, many of which were mined over 100 years ago. The natural beauty and distinctive characteristics of each stone provide gentle guidance for the design process. The result, a collection of wearable mementos intended to be mixed and matched like the pieces of a puzzle, fitting together to tell a unique story for each individual wearer, and meant to be passed down for generations. The Single Stone collection is available at luxury boutiques across the US, including its own multi-brand flagship store in San Marino, California.

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