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Awe Inspired and Ever Evolving.
Renata Cambauva is the founder of HEY BABE.
A South-american-immigrant who started her journey as an advertising copywriter turned award winning designer and art director – journeying from Brazil, to LA, to San Francisco working with iconic brands like Apple and Google. In early 2020, following her passion for design, bespoke jewelry, and beautiful gemstones, she started building HEY BABE from her kitchen table in Los Angeles.
After a year of teaching herself to source ethical materials and creating one of a kind pieces, she had her first hit design – the 14k gold macrame cradle necklace, Elo.
With HEY BABE you wil find yourself at
the intersection of creations dreamt up in LA,. the back and forth love affair with the art scene of San Francisco, the South American ties that root the collection back to Brazil, and the inspiring places visited in between.
She would like to invite you, and your
customers, to find something personal and unique to your journey with HEY BABE - transformational jewelry for wherever your heart leads you.

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