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GOSHWARA is a term used to describe a silhouette of perfect proportions. In ancient Persian courts, this term was used to describe the perfection of beauty, as this shape embodies the essence of femininity with its luxurious curves.

Designer & President, Sweta Jain, launched her company in 2005 to fill a void in the market for luxuriously fun pieces, building Goshwara into a collection-based brand For Sweta, the spirit of innovation is always incorporated into her jewelry… “individuality makes us who we are.”

Goshwara utilizes the idea of pristine craftsmanship to build their collections. In a world where originality is rewarded, Goshwara has evolved and kept up with trends, but in many ways is still guided by the principles of timelessness and tradition. Understated, Goshwara exudes modernity and classicism at the same time. Goshwara’s ethos is “to remain true to oneself.”

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