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Virtual Diamond Boutique is the jewelry industry’s tech partner. Founded by industry veterans Tanya Nisguretsky, Leon Bitelman, and Gil Ohad, VDB draws on its founders’ extensive experience in the jewelry industry to create unique and innovative tech solutions for the entire trade.

The VDB Marketplace is home to over 1.5 million items listed and 26,000 members in 130 countries, but VDB is more than just the world’s largest online B2B marketplace. With a global team behind an ever-expanding suite of apps, configurators, integrations, and tools, VDB provides solutions that help jewelry businesses meet their sales, growth, visibility, and inventory management goals.

Need to modernize your selling approach? Need to streamline your sourcing? Need more high tech on your sales floor? Need more sparkle on your website? VDB Does That. VDB is the jewelry industry’s tech partner.

Visit VDB at Table T-16, to the left of the entrance of the Frank Lloyd Wright Diamond Ballroom, against the wall.

To book a meeting with us, use this link:
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