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Since its establishment Gem Platinum has provided only the finest quality, service and value in its jewelry collection. Today we continue to be in the forefront of fine traditional jewelry design and craftsmanship incorporating only the finest natural diamonds and precious gemstones.

Gem Platinum can fulfill all your jewelry desires whether it is something simple and elegant for your engagement, or one of our outstanding and breadth taking one of a kind heirloom pieces for your marriage, anniversary or special occasion.

Gem Platinum has also created a very special collection based on the simple rationalization that truly unique gemstones require a truly unique setting in order for their beauty to be revealed.

These designs are not “trendy” nor are they so “stylish” that they will be passe and out of fashion tomorrow. They are heirlooms for now and forever.

This concept befits the collection as well as the eventual owner of one of these pieces. They can be assured that no one else will or can be seen adorning any one of these Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs.

You can be assured that you are

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