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How To Claim Your Free Centurion Exhibitor Listing

It is very simple for a Centurion exhibitor to claim their free listing. Claiming the listing only takes a minute. 

Once you’ve claimed a listing, we will verify and approve your ownership. After we’ve completed this, you’ll be able to login and add information about your business – including a Header photo, product photos, and general details.

Important – make sure to choose your Categories so you can be found by that on the site.

Here are the steps to claim your Exhibitor Listing Page:

  1. Find your Company’s listing on the Centurion exhibitor page, here:
  2. You will see a Claim Listing button on the page. Click it.
  3. It will confirm that you’re “purchasing” the $0 Free Listing package. That is what you need so click “continue” (it will not ask you for payment information since it is free).
  4. Once you’ve completed your information, we will get the request to claim your listing. We will then notify you when your listing is approved.
  5. When it says “Sign in” change to “Register”
  6. Create the account and we will get the request and approve it 

HEADER GRAPHIC recommended size is 1600 x 560. Note: We recommend using a graphic without text on it, because the text may overlap the website’s existing text. Your page will already has a spot for your name and logo, so you don’t need to put this on the graphic. In adding your logo, try to upload it as a 300×300 or 600×600 pixel image. This seems to resize it nicely into the circle.