Learn the latest digital skills at Centurion 2020!

February 1, 2020

8:00 am - 1:00 pm

If you've never attended a Jewelry Ecomm Live event before, you won't want to miss this! Be sure to schedule your return flight accordingly from Centurion to allow you to attend this special event.

Sixteen workshops on social media, online sales, search marketing, and more - specifically for jewelers.

For the first time, this year at Centurion Phoenix 2020, we are proud to present all of the Highlights of 2019 Jewelry Ecomm Live Miami Beach event just completed, as a special event at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.


All Centurion 2020 attendees are welcome to attend Jewelry Ecomm Live Phoenix 2020 and its 16 live and video workshops, taking place Feb. 1 between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Spa & Resort (the same venue as the Centurion 2020 show). Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

"The conference was amazing and exceeded my expectations!"

-Cathryn Allen
Director of Ecommerce, James Free Jewelers

"I have attended a number of retail ecommerce conference in the past (IRCE, Magento Imagine, Dreamforce Salesforce, Shop.org) and the tracks provided were comparable to what I’ve seen at these larger conferences. It was truly refreshing to get to interact with other jewelers and discuss ecommerce topics and strategies.  
The content of the tracks was truly informative and I think it was beneficial to have a mix of jewelry industry experts and ecommerce experts mixed in together. All in all, I took about 10 pages of useful notes! Again, thank you so much for putting this event together and taking the time to curate a great combination of speakers. We look forward to next year!"

Frequently Asked Questions

These 30 minute workshops will be in two formats. Approximately half will be live seminars from our presenters, while the other half while be video replays of some of the best content from our event in Miami.

Take a look below at the full workshops schedule to see exactly what you’ll learn!

All companies attending Centurion receive one complimentary admission to this special event.

Additionally tickets can be purchased for $99 each.

Jewelry Ecomm is our program to help the jewelry industry embrace the digital era. This is done with our jewelryecomm.com educational website as well as our annual Jewelry Ecomm Live! events.

Our goal is to teach jewelers and jewelry brands how to successfully use and embrace the available digital tools to enhance their businesses. Topics typically covered include social media, online sales, search marketing, and other strategies.



The Path to Purchase: Understanding the Realities, Resources & Revenue Opportunities Based on How Consumers Really Shop

 Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded 

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As retail evolves, so do the ways in which consumers navigate their paths to purchase. This featured session will explore how customers truly identify where they want to shop, why they want to spend and what ultimately leads them to making a purchase.

This eye-opening session will reveal the realities of how data, customer-centric experiences, internal business operations and external influences all impact customer purchases while shedding light on what can truly help optimize their retail operations in an effort to build more profitable businesses.

Delivered by Author, Retail Minded Founder, Small Business Saturday Spokesperson and Entreprenuer.com Contributor Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, this session will reveal realistic understandings of how consumers truly navigate their purchase decisions despite road blocks and unexpected twists and turns that may get in their way.


Retail Realities: 10 Must-Know Realities to Help Your Store Stand Out From the Rest

 Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded 

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This session will feature expert insight identified by Retail Minded Founder, Entrepreuner.com Contributor, Author and Small Business Saturday Spokesperson Nicole Leinbach Reyhle who will discuss the various ways stores can find success despite a competitive marketplace. From in-store strategies to technologies you need to know about to online marketing tips to ways to strengthen employee management while saving on operational expenses and more, expect to walk away from this session with action-oriented goals you can begin applying to your business right away.


Online to In-Store...Matching Your User Experiences for Top Results

Eric Perera, Smart Age Solutions 

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This session will be filled with ideas on how you can deliver a strong online experience, while being sure it syncs well with the wonderful bricks-and-mortar experience you already provide to your guests.


Top Lessons from POS to Build Store and Site Traffic with Digital Tools

Ross Cockerham, Punchmark 

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Dick Abbott of the Edge and Ross Cockerham of Punchmark will share proven techniques to reengage current customers, generating both foot traffic and website traffic using data from your point of sale system. This session will also teach you how to use POS data to build the kind of consistency between site and store that is expected by today's consumer.


Get Down With OTT: Reaching the Cord-Cutting Bridal Consumers In Your Market!

Gus Garcia, Bottom Line Marketing

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Bridal consumers are cutting the cord as Broadcast and Cable TV viewership sees sharp declines in the 18-34 age group. Meanwhile, adults in the United States are consuming 54 hours of video streaming content exclusively across platforms like Apple TV and Roku at 24% YoY growth. Learn how to target cord-cutting bridal consumers in your market utilizing OTT (Over-The-Top) to bridge the gap between traditional and digital advertising!


Bridging the Gap Between Online Website Visitors and In-Store Foot Traffic

Jason A'alona, Podium 

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Before anyone ever comes into your store, it's likely that they have already been to your website. Come learn how to convert website visitors to in-store shoppers by modernizing customer interactions and feedback utilizing their preferred modes of communication, leading to more in-store visits.


Building Store and Site Traffic for Greater Diamond Sales with Today’s Digital Tools

Kate Worth, GN Diamond

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Join Kate Worth as we discuss the ever-changing retail environment. Learn new tools that are proven to help engage the internet shopper while learning how to pitch with easy to use technology.


Building Website Traffic With Google Search Marketing and Google Shopping

Ronald Dod, Visiture

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Acquiring customers online is a large hurdle for online Jewelry merchants to overcome. With so many channels it's very difficult to know where to begin. Join Ronald Dod, CMO and Cofounder at Visiture to explain how to use Google to acquire customers already searching for you with the most effective and easy to implement tactics. From Search Engine Optimization, Google Shopping, and Retargeting Ronald will showcase step-by-step actionable tips and tactics to utilize to win in Google search and acquire customers.


Converting Online Traffic To Profit

Ali Moheet, i-Showcase

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Ray Moheet, i-Showcase

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Ali & Ray Moheet will help you understand your multiple traffic “channels,” what makes each of them unique, and how you can act on these traffic streams to increase conversions.


Mobile Strategies To Build Store And Site Traffic

Liz Stamm, Virtual Diamond Boutique

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Gone are the days when consumers shopped with their feet. Today's consumer does her browsing online, and heads to the store when she finds something she really wants. If your digital presence isn't creating store traffic, it's time to up your game! In this session you'll learn how to use mobile apps to bring customers into your store. Go beyond targeted SMS. Catch and keep consumer attention where they spend the most time - on their mobile devices! Technology that was too pricey for all but the largest businesses only 8 years ago is now affordable for small business owners, so don't miss out on learning these powerful ways to capture consumer attention, keep them coming back to your mobile app, and turn that attention into store visits.


The Importance Of Paid Advertising on Facebook

Julie Gotz, Freshley Digital

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Today, we are living in a world of relevance, and everything is tailored to our needs and interests. Our timelines are carefully curated, our news sources are personalized, and social media platforms play into this game of relevance, delivering the content their users want to see. The social nature of organic posts is one of overcrowded competitiveness, and frankly, Facebook will not let your free drafted content reach your entire audience. Facebook wants to deliver relevant content to its users, and Facebook wants to make money. This is a pay to play world and we are here to help educate you to navigate and dominate and grow your business in your market with the Facebook Platform.


Crypto-Currency Opportunities For Jewelers

Jared Silver, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

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Jared Silver, President of retailer Stephen Silver in in Silicon Valley’s Redwood City, speaks on crypto currency and how accepting it can help you build store and site traffic.


Selling Jewelry With Geo-Fencing

Alex Fetanat, GemFind

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Geo-fencing is a technology in which you can create a virtual boundary around a geographical location where your potential customer may be in and target them via mobile ads. In this session, you will learn how Geo-Fencing works and the best use cases and how it can drive traffic to your jewelry store and increase sales. Geofencing sends ads, sales, and promotions straight to smartphone users within the area of your business. Most small businesses don’t have a huge budget for marketing and advertising, yet still, need these tools in order to grow their business. We will also share some case studies as well as reports and sample ads and landing pages of real clients.


How to Use High Tech Without Losing the Human Connection--Turn One-Off Buyers Into Customers for Life

Kathleen Cutler, Bespoke Commerce

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Tech is a wonderful tool to expand your audience and reach more people. But, in the end, it is your clients need to feel seen, heard and acknowledged to close high-end sales and turn one-off transactions into repeat luxury buyers.

In this talk, I will show you how to create this essential feeling of connection with the busy and overwhelmed modern buyer - so you can sell a $22,000 engagement ring before breakfast just by responding to a FB message.

Walk away knowing exactly how to turn online window shoppers into repeat customers who spread the word for you and grow your business beyond the walls of your physical location using modern technology.


Converting More E-Commerce Traffic into Bricks & Mortar Store Visitors

Yuri Iskhakov, NANO

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Learn how strategic User Experience can help you convert online visitors to in-store customers. Topics covered: Properly structured Information Architecture. User Personas and User Journeys. Proper Content and Call to Actions.


Working With Influencers To Generate Foot Or Website Traffic

Laryssa Wirstiuk, Joy Joya

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This in-depth course will cover crucial topics explaining how to work with influencers to grow your online and offline success. We’ll cover what an influencer is, how to work with an influencer, potential risks, and how you can find the best-fit influencers and build relationships with them.

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All companies who attend Centurion (exhibitors, sponsors, and retail stores) each receive one complimentary admission to this event.

Additional tickets beyond the first are $99 per person.