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Design Awards

Design Awards & After Party

A night of excitement!

Dinner, Design Awards, After-Party
Sunday, January 27, 2019

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The winners of the Centurion 2019 design awards will be announced tonight! Enjoy a fun night with food, then the awards ceremony, and then the after party – all in the same night.

7:30 PM, Camelback Plaza



Enjoy a delicious dinner replete with Open Bar and a choice of great food stations on the Camelback Plaza

9:00 PM, Camelback Ballroom

Design Awards


The night continues as we head over into the Camelback Ballroom for the exciting presentation of the Centurion 2019 Design Awards Winners!

9:30 PM, Camelback Ballroom

After Party


As the design awards end, the after-party begins! Enjoy a great DJ and open bar until late.